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Tecfrigo presents Junior and Micron: the technological innovation becomes compact

Tecfrigo loves to satisfy all the different needs of its clients, that’s why it always observes and listens to the effective  market requirements, and that’s why it has created a series of models that are perfect to be adapted in limited spaces, while guaranteeing the maximum technology and design.


We are talking about Junior and Micron cabinets: they’re a small and compact solution ideal both for pastry-making and gastronomy. innovative showcases with accurate attention to the smallest detail, and their elegant lines blend perfectly with the surrounding environment and allow them to integrate with all types of furniture.


The Junior models have an aluminum frame, light but extremely strong in order to guarantee a remarkable structural rigidity and an elevated resistance to oxidizing agents. The structure is integrated with ventilation grids made of stainless steel AISI304, neon lighting, aluminum profiles and triple insulating glazing on each side.



The remarkable technological development of these showcases  is highlighted by details like incorporated microprocessor controller, digital display , regulation of the temperature and thermal insulation of basin made in polyurethane of high density. Moreover, many important peculiarities feature the available models:


  • Junior 120 G boasts the innovative Tecfrigo Turbo Cool, which  is a system of forced circulation of air which operates from the bottom of the machine through a ventilator. All this  does not only improve the useful internal  display area, but also the aesthetics and the efficiency, thus contributing to thecorrect conservation of the organoleptic properties of the exposed products;


  • Junior GBT has an aluminium frame that gives to the showcase solidity  but with a contained weight. Moreover, the anodized aluminum frame ensures from further risks of oxidation.


Regarding  Micron, these models represent an elegant answer, refined and technologically advanced, for those who need a vertical compact cabinet, completed in all its components and with a low energy consumption efficiency.


- Ventilation grids made of painted steel

- Double-glazing on each glass side

- Ventilated Evaporator of high efficiency 

- Automatic defrost

- Neon lighting for an optimal visualization of the products


A unique product, available in its variants Micron I, Micron II and Micron III which keep the same technical characteristics melding them with reduced dimensions and capacity, as well as with the possibility to choose from a wide range of colors, perfect for a customize every space.





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