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Tecfrigo meets Art in the exhibition “ARSTRONOMY” in Madrid

Tecfrigomeets art in Madrid on the occasion of the exhibition “ARSTRONOMY”, held in the exhibition space of “La Casa Encendida” and open until 30 August 2015.


A journey facing the impact that scientific research, space travel and science fiction have on contemporary art, through a selection of works by over 20 international artists. It is an innovative vision in which fantasy, science and technology go hand in handand are manifested in creations that analyze the cosmos ranging from paintings, photographs, videos and sculptures.


And talking about sculptures, thetechnology of the vertical Tecfrigo’s showcase DIVA 450 BTV is set to host one of the most visionary works on display: "Aquae Profundo" an ice sculpture representing alien life, the iconography of an unknown entity which has become familiar in the collective.


Transparency and solidity of the ice are enhanced by LED lights that perfectly emphasize the shapes of the shadows, accentuating the feeling of mystery that hovers around the work. The result is a perfect fusion between the feeling of elusiveness of ice, the clean lines of the structure and the clear vision given by the  DIVA 450 BTV.


The choice of this Tecfrigo’s product was not random, because DIVA 450 BTV is a solution designed specifically for ice cream, with a temperature adjustable between -15 ° / -21 ° C, making it ideal for maintains the full force of attraction of this ice sculpture.




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